Vinyl Railing

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TimberTech Decking

TimberTech not only adds value to your life, it adds value to your home - See more at:
TimberTech not only adds value to your life, it adds value to your home - See more at:

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PVC Horse Fence

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Arbors / Pergola's

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Chain Link


Our Chain-link fence systems will offer many years of maintenance-free, long-lasting protection. They’re easy to install and provide a high level of security. Division fence company's steel chain-link components are coated with zinc-a proven anti-corrosive agent


Galvanized residential chain-link fence systems have been preferred for decades to define property lines and enclose animals, as well as protect and add value to property. For privacy, different types of decorative polyethylene and aluminum slats, available in a variety of colors, can be added to create an attractive screen

Features and Benefits:

  • Residential chain-link fence systems are commonly used because they’re durable and easy to install.
  • All steel components galvanized chain-link fence system are hot-dip zinc coated and guaranteed with a 7 and 12 year coating warranty.
  • Ties used to attach the chain-link fabric to the framework between terminal posts are made from aluminum, resulting in maintenance-free security.

The System 21™ Fence System is available in your choice of green, black, white and brown.  Our exclusive coating process bonds a tough resilient protective layer over extra heavy gauge steel pipe, fittings & wire, giving the entire system an attractive finish with an extended durability that will last for many years. The full color fence system that’s right for your home.  System 21™ combines the safety, security and value of chain link with the beauty of a maintenance free Poly-coated fence system. Protect your children, pets and property with Eastern’s full-color System 21™ fence.  There is a full-color System 21™ fence that’s right for your home!  Choose from System 21™ options:

  • Driveway and Walk Gates
  • Variety of Meshes to Choose From
  • Non-climbable Pool Meshes
  • High Security Heavy Gauges
  • Complete Tennis Courts

So durable, it’s earned the System 21™ 12 year warranty.

The Premium Bonded System that is warranted against cracking, peeling or splitting for 12 full years.  The heart of your System 21™ is the FRAMEWORK… the POSTS and RAILS.  The framework is made of high tensile steel for extra strength.  This steel framework is galvanized inside and outside with pure zinc for protection from rust, chemicals and weathering.  The System 21™ Framework then enters a six stage chemical conversion preparing the surface for a special polyester powder.  This powder coating is thermally bonded at 425ºF to the fence posts and cross rails, providing a truly superior long life fence framework.  When looking for fence …TRUST Eastern System 21™.

Chain Link Fence Inserts


Chain Link inserts are extruded from High Density Polythylene (HDPE), color pigments and ultra violet (UV) inhibitors, specifically designed to retard the harmful effects of the Sun and lengthen the life of the product.  The only exceptions are Winged Slats which also include Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which is a softer plastic to keep wings flexible and resilient.

Chain Link Inserts are resistant to: severe weather conditions, salt water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates, and common environmental pollutants.

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